Frequently Asked Questions
Some people ask the Town Council Questions - these are the most common.
Who is my Town Councillor?
You can find out who your councillor is by going to Stapleford home page and selecting Councillors from the left hand side.
How can I view planning applications?
If the application is for a property in Stapleford you may view such an application at the Town Clerk's Office between 11.30a.m. and 1.30p.m Monday to Friday.
How do I contact Broxtowe Borough Council?
You can contact Broxtowe Borough Council by clicking on the related link on the right hand side.
When do the Town Council meet?
Please click the related articles on the right hand side for the dates of meetings.
How do I invite the Town Mayor to an event?
Contact the Town Clerk by telephoning her office on 0115 9391818. You may send an invitation to the Town Mayor at: The Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 8EY.
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